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Who We Are

ICAN is a high-quality, out-of-school-time program that empowers youth to be accountable for their futures. Founded to provide nurturing guidance to and activities for Chandler youth, ages 5 – 18, ICAN offers after-school and summer/intersession programs which foster positive attitudes while discouraging destructive behavior.

Participants in our programs achieve significant, positive lifestyle changes including, gains in leadership, social competency skills and self-confidence. These new found skills enable ICAN youth to resist the pressure to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs as well as provide a positive alternative to violence and gang-related activities.

While the majority of our participants are from Chandler, youth from other areas of the Valley are welcome to participate. All program services and activities are free of charge including transportation to and from our location (within the Chandler area) and healthy snacks for all program participants.

Why We Do What We Do

Not all youth organizations are equipped to serve kids from communities riddled with drugs, gangs and limited socio-economic resources. Often, kids from these communities learn to survive in extremely harsh situations or are lured into destructive behaviors that are not the easiest to turn around. Unfortunately, this means that they are often left behind by the majority of youth organizations

ICAN addresses this situation head on with programming that is research-based and proven to make a difference in the lives of the kids and families that we serve. Our prevention-based, culturally sensitive and age appropriate programs are developed specifically to meet the unique needs of our community. Every program is quantifiable and measurable, to enable us to best achieve ICAN’s mission of empowering youth to be productive, self-confident and responsible citizens.

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